Sunday, December 09, 2012

Technology: Fixing Devices, Soldering

I have my Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver that for half a year was taking 10 minutes to warm up until it would recognize HDMI devices. And a week ago or so my LG Flatron L246WH monitor started doing the same thing until after a couple of days it stopped working at all. After I searched the net for people having the same problem, I was a bit surprised that I am not alone and was even more happy to read that there are solutions to the problems that I have. Both cases had to deal with the dead capacitors/condensators and required some soldering but I felt pretty comfortable with it. Along the way I learned the proper way of soldering and how to take care of the soldering iron. So, after I fixed it, both devices have been working like a charm. Anyways, if something is broken and has similar symptoms and isn't under warranty anymore, before thinking about buying a new one, take a minute to search the web for similar symptoms that you have and hopefully you will be able to F(ix) I(t) Y(ourself). And if you do not feel comfortable fixing it yourself, there should be people around who could help you.

Here are the links that I used during the process and saved me some Swedish dollars:

Fixing LG Flatron L246WH monitor:

Fixing Onkyo TX-SR606 tuner:

Soldering tips:

Taking care of the soldering iron:

P.S. Can you imagine how much money people at the recycle places (probably) make by taking devices that people throw away, replacing a couple of capacitors and selling them?