Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Technology: Verified by VISA

Once you’ve signed up to Verified by Visa, you’ll be protected whenever you make an online payment with your Visa card at any one of more than 300,000 web sites across Europe.
(verified by visa website)  

The above statement is not really true.

Just returned from the trip to Italy and discovered an interesting thing about purchasing things online with my Visa card. When I purchase something via Internet using my Visa card, it always asks for "Verified by Visa" password before processing. This time I was trying to purchase a ticket for the bus. I entered card information, name, code and then, as usually, "Verified by Visa" screen came asking for the password. I did not have the password with me so I clicked on Cancel and decided not to purchase the ticket online, assuming the transaction was cancelled and I closed the window.

I checked my bank account today and saw that the seller charged my card anyways. I contacted the bank and they told me that it is actually up to the seller whether to process the order or not when password was wrong or was not entered.

So, the point is if someone has your card information, they still can use it even if your have your card connected to "Verified by Visa" system. It could be that this is more for a seller than you who is able to verify if you are really to owner of the card. Anyways, I am not sure why sellers are allowed to skip this step, since I feel less secure this way. It was a transaction for less than 10 Euros but I am contacting the seller and then Visa if I will not get a refund.


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