Monday, May 21, 2012

Sports: Россия - Ice Hockey World Champion 2012

This years Ice Hockey world championship was hosted in Sweden and Finland and my friend and I was attending two matches where Russia was playing. Those matches were just playoff matches against Sweden and Czechs (in both matches Russia won; actually Russia won all the matches), but it was a great enjoyment. It's a pity though that the semi and final was played in Finland but even watching it on TV was quite a show. The tickets were a bit expensive. For instance, for the semi-finals the prices were starting at around 150 Euros, and I can only guess how much it cost for the finals. Next year it will be again Sweden and Finland hosting the world championship and I will surely attend the games as well.

Anyways, the point it that the Russia won gold this year and I am really happy for them. I must admit it would have been quite a show if Russia had a chance to play against USA and Canada but those were eliminated by Finland and Slovakia n quarter finals. Those matches, were really good games as well.

 So, Поздравляю с победой!