Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Media: Neverending Toilet Paper

Once in 2009 I saw an advertisement on Swedish TV. I saw it again a couple of days ago. It was one of not so many ads that got my attention. Even though it's just a toilet paper advertisement, in my opinion it has a great idea to it. In addition, the soundtrack is the best cover (by Cookie Sweetheart) of Neverending Story soundtrack I have heard so far. I think it's a nice twist to say that toilet paper will last like a never-ending story. I have been listening to this song for the whole day today. Also, when watching this advertisement for several times, you can guess what type of people are shown there. Just like with Babylon Zoo Spaceman song, first, the advertisement was released, and, after some time, the full version of the song. Unlike Cookie Sweetheard, Babylon Zoo went high up in the charts back in 1995.


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marialva said...

Realmente este vídeo é legal. Uma propaganda bem bolada. Gostei.
Marialva - mlrinaldi.blogspot.com