Thursday, September 15, 2011

Technology: Microwaves and Wi-Fi

We have a computer in the kitchen which we are using as TV and communicator from time to time. Recently we started using it a bit more often, especially when feeding Alexander. The problem is that it uses Wi-Fi, and when microwave is on, the Wi-Fi signal gets interrupted. I did a small research online trying to figure out what's the problem. Multiple articles state that the microwave could be leaking and the way to check it is to put one cell phone into a microwave and call from another phone. If there is no leak, the signal will not reach the phone. I tried that and the signal went through. That surprised me, since the microwave is not that old to allow leaks. Last weekend we went to the store and experimented on multiple new microwaves. Surprisingly, all the time the call went through. So, the conclusion is that checking microwaves with the help of mobile phones does not work. I came back home and continued research. I got some clues about changing Wi-Fi channels, and started experimenting with that. With the first change to Wi-Fi Channel 1 the problem got solved. Now my Wi-Fi became Microwave-Friendly. Apparently, there is quite a lot of electronic noise being produced by the microwave that is interrupting the Wi-Fi signal on certain channels. I do not think that our microwave is leaking but still prefer to stand at least a meter away when it's on.


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