Monday, July 25, 2011

Life: June and July 2011

In the middle of June we went to Klaipeda, hoping for some good weather to test our new sunscreen solutions. Well, the weather did not happen but we had some good time with our friends. We also celebrated the first birthday of our son. We’ve spent there almost 2 weeks and learned that one should not rely on the summer weather in Lithuania much. Well, it’s the same story in Sweden now, actually, since it mostly cloudy. It rains from time to time and hardly gets to 25 degrees. Well, what can we do? Here are some pictures from the windy Klaipeda:

From the beginning of July I am on the parental leave that will last until the end of October. So, currently I am learning all the tough lessons of being a father with the child at home alone. That goes quite good, actually, and I am starting to enjoy it. It does occupy most of the free time, so there is no way to take any computer free-time project seriously. But I have a chance to listen to audio books during the day. I hope Alex does not mind listening to the strange background voices while we are at home.