Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Health & Environment: Tapped

If you like movies like Fahrenheit 9/11, Capitalism: A Love Story, The Yes Men Fix the World , you definitely should see the movie Tapped. This movie raises the issues of clean drinking water, health, pollution and describes how the major soft drink companies started carelessly harvesting water to earn money on something that anyone should have access for. My personal belief is that it is ridiculous that we got used to buy water and as the main force that creates demand, should stop buying bottled water to protect the environment and our pockets and our health. Here are some points that the movie is trying to make:

1. access to water is basic human right and should be free
2. the regions that the water is taken from turn into deserts
3. the bottles that are used to store the water are:
        a) polluting the environment
        b) have chemicals that might harm your health
4. the bottled water companies do not have to pass any regulations, unlike companies that supply tapped water
5. and you are not guaranteed to get clean water.
6. bottled water is often filtered tapped water.

The situation with the tapped water is different from country to country. It's close to perfect in Sweden and close to disaster in the post USSR area. So, buying bottled water is the need sometimes. This however does not mean that the bottled water is clean event if you buy it from the store. Meanwhile if you want to buy or carry some water in the bottles or want to buy soft drinks, it is much safer for your health to get it in a glass bottle or aluminum can. And watch the movie if you get a chance, if you care ... well ... about the environment and your own health.


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