Monday, August 30, 2010

Life: [A Bit of Everythind] Concert, Lithuania, Chemicals, Kitchen

It was a couple of busy but at the same time exciting months in our life. Slowly we are learning what it takes to be parents and manage to have some fun. Marie it occupied with the baby more than I these days but I am trying to help her with the small things.

In the mid August a couple of my friends and I traveled from Stockholm to Halmstad to see Roxette concert. 1000 kilometers in one day doesn't sound like a lot of fun, especially for the guy who was driving (not me), but it was an exciting concert and there were 20000+ people there. For Roxette it was a concert to see how they can handle working with the crowd and see if they can go on a big tour next year after a new album. Here are some videos from the concert:

Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love

August 17-22 I traveled to Lithuania. Marie and Alexander stayed at home. Alexander's documents are not ready yet. I met 6 of my friends, and we had some quality time together. We even swam in the Baltic sea and had to run from the rain one day. The beer is still good in Lithuania even though it is not bad in Stockholm at all. Hopefully Marie, Alex and I will manage to travel to Lithuania one more time this year and show our son to our friends. We will see how that goes.

After one of the Russian channels showed a program about the chemicals in the soaps and shampoos and how pretty much all the companies use chemicals that can possibly harm the health but due to the fact that it has not been proven that the chemicals will do that, the companies will still use them because they actually clean the skin and hair better and they are cheap to produce. So, I made a small research to figure out how much more expensive one must go in Sweden to get a 100% organic solution for the daily soap and shampoo. I looked at all the famous shampoos that are advertised on TV so see how many of them include the widely discussed chemical SLS and it appeared that all of the shampoos and liquid soaps do. Even those that say “with natural ingredients” still have SLS as one of the main ingredients.

I have found some special stores in Stockholm that sell organic cosmetics under “Fair Trade” label. There are some online stores that sell the same products and will ship pretty much all around the world. So if there is no rush, it is a better deal to buy them online. I tried to use the black soap (both liquid and hard and I can say I am satisfied. It costs a bit extra but I believe it is worth it.

When I think about it, why in a world did the market started using chemicals instead of natural organic solutions in the first place. Probably the same drive to make stuff cheaper and beat the competitors at any possible cost. It becomes even more dangerous when chemicals are used to produce food to make it look good, stay fresh and cost less.

It becomes really hard when one comes to choose the solution for the detergents. We assume that if we don't eat it, don't put it directly on our bodies, in the washer all of the chemicals from the detergents and softeners will be washed away with water and what we will get is clean, soft and safe laundry. That appears so not true either. Several groups of chemicals that are used in the detergents and especially in the softeners are not washed away with water and constantly come in contact with our skin. There are some organic solutions for the detergent as well, like soap nuts but they will not make the laundry as clean and white as chemicals would but most of the time soap nuts will do a pretty good job.

And, finally, here are some pictures from the kitchen that we have finally completed: