Thursday, April 08, 2010

Life: Trip to Lithuania and More

In the beginning of April I went for a trip to hometown Klaipeda, Lithuania. We decided that I should go alone without Marie, since she is pregnant and we are waiting for the baby-boy to arrive sometime in the end of June.

Besides spending Easter holidays with my relatives, I also wanted to give my best wishes to my friends who are going to leave for Australia. I took long walks in the city, did some shopping for clothes. We managed to get together with some other friends, drink some beer, remember the old times, talk about current political and economic situation in Lithuania and started making some plans for the summer. I also finished watching the sitcom Scrubs but I will write more about it in another posting. I will be trying to get one week vacation sometime in the middle of August. One date that I will be occupied on is August 14, which is the day when my friends and I will be attending Roxette concert in Sweden, so if you are want to come and join us, there are 2 seats left in the car. In August – September, Roxette will be touring Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Russia (St. Petersburg and Moscow). By the way, they have never toured Lithuania though.

For now, here are some Easter animals we spotted from our window:

And here is someone misplaced his Lego part on the road sign:


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Levon Levonian said...

"...we are waiting for the baby-boy to arrive sometime in the end of June".

That's great news! Congratulations to the both of you!