Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update: Long Time ... No Write

Since I have got a new job as developer at Sirius in the beginning of December, time started to fly really fast. I enjoy my new job and I think I have found [one of the] things that I really like, which is developing user interfaces. I am not so much involved in the process of deciding how the things should look and where the buttons and text should be but rather implementing them in the designer and behavior code behind. I am bringing suggestions where I see that the things can be improved. I have really nice and supportive people around me.

We have slowed down a bit with renovations and a week ago or so we finished our bedroom. There are some small things that need to be added but generally here are two pictures of what it looks like:

So, now we have started on the kitchen, which is going to be the toughest of them all with all the possible things involved - electricity, tiles, floor, cupboards, gas pipes and so on. But hopefully we will be finished by the end of the spring. It is possible that my father will come to help me on this one as well.

As about my hobby, I was pleased to find out that Roxette is working on the new album and is going to perform live in Sweden this August. It seemed to me that the Roxette machine has stopped forever but it seems that they are up to it again, or there is just a need for extra money; you know, the kids are growing up and stuff :P. I will most likely to go to the concert with some of my friends, so if you are up to it as well, drop me a line.

All for now.