Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life: A Short Update - Renovation and a Wake-up Lamp

September and October have been quite busy months for us. I was mostly concentrated on learning Swedish (cough) and on the renovation of the apartment and it takes longer time than I expected. Some of the things I was doing for the first time with my fathers help over Skype. The doors installation was quite new to me and since the old doors were not of the same size as the new ones, there was some wall cutting and then cementing and so on. We have just finished the stone decoration by the entrance of the apartment. There are still quite a few things left to do and one room and the kitchen on the todo list. Here are some pictures from the process :).

Having the darkest time of the year at the hand, I really feel a difference waking up in the morning, since it is still dark at 7. One of our friends suggested to try a wake up lamp. That is basically a lamp that starts to light up gradually half an hour before you need to wake up. Supposedly the light makes it easier for a person to wake up. From what I have noticed, Philips is the most known in the marked. Here is an example of one of them:

These are not cheap and are in the 100+ Euros area. It does not have any special lamp and it does not even have an auto adjusting time feature, so I guess it is overpriced a bit. The people who use it say that it really helps to wake up in the morning. I was thinking about making my own lamp like this. While timer is not a problem, a device that could gradually turn on the power seems to be quite difficult to find. Well maybe I should skype Santa and ask him to get it for me for Christmas this year.