Friday, July 10, 2009

Computers: Desktop Items Management -- Stardock Fences

There are people who keep the things off their desktops and just have My Computer and a Recycle Bin icons there. For me, the desktop is more of the workspace like on the normal table, where I keep pencils, papers, books, drinks :P, phone,a couple of CDs and so on. Yes, sometimes it is pretty chaotic there :). In the same way the computer desktop gets too much stuff from time to time and I don't know if or when I will needs a certain file. So, there are quite a few icons on the desktop of my computer which becomes a problem from time to time. Stardock has released a piece of free software called Fences that makes it possible to organize the desktops and make some scrollable containers inside the desktop where one can move items around and arrange things. It is quite an interesting approach to get things organized. Personally, I like the idea.