Monday, May 11, 2009

Music: Stockholm Concert May 10, 2009

Yesterday, on May 10 2009 Marie and I went to the tour concert by Per Gessle. I must admit this was an amazing night. Even though we were sitting, I left the concert sweating and my palms were hurting from clapping. It was a very emotional concert with Marie Fredriksson appearing on the stage and the crowd going wild. This was my first time I went to a concert in Sweden (although I haven’t been to many in Lithuania) and I am hoping that Roxette will try to make a new record and would go on tour soon. Then we will get the first rows and be jumping and singing :). Here are some snippets, not really organized, I was more into singing and watching then filming. Quality is pretty bad too :P but there is going to be a DVD released from Stockholm concerts.



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