Monday, May 11, 2009

Music: Stockholm Concert May 10, 2009

Yesterday, on May 10 2009 Marie and I went to the tour concert by Per Gessle. I must admit this was an amazing night. Even though we were sitting, I left the concert sweating and my palms were hurting from clapping. It was a very emotional concert with Marie Fredriksson appearing on the stage and the crowd going wild. This was my first time I went to a concert in Sweden (although I haven’t been to many in Lithuania) and I am hoping that Roxette will try to make a new record and would go on tour soon. Then we will get the first rows and be jumping and singing :). Here are some snippets, not really organized, I was more into singing and watching then filming. Quality is pretty bad too :P but there is going to be a DVD released from Stockholm concerts.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Music: Roxette - Amsterdam 2009

The long anticipated Roxette performance actually happened on May 7, 2009. Marie Fredriksson joined Per Gessle on his world tour and they performed 2 songs together, It Must Have Been Love and The Look. The last time they performed live together was in 2002. Roxette also confirmed that they will be performing on the Night of the Proms which is a series of concerts in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

I hope that Marie Fredriksson will appear for Stockholm show this Sunday when we will be at the concert.

Well, the next thing to wish for Roxette fans is some new material that Per and Marie could do together. A single? Or maybe a whole new album?


Monday, May 04, 2009

Security: What Would Really Happen If?

There is a huge concern about the IT security. The way I see it is the first level of the security is the education of the user. In the real world, the biggest problem with the security is actually users entering their addresses, passwords and emails themselves on the fake websites, answering phishing emails or running suspicious attachments from emails. If it gets more serious on the huge corporation or military level, people would not bother with the security, they would do something really simple like this: