Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lifestyle: Skiing 101

Last year for the first time I started skiing. My company went to a place 3 hours west from Milan/Italy where we had a conference and a couple days of skiing. The first steps were not easy. A couple of hours or rolling and falling, I managed to get a feeling of it. This year Marie, I and some of our friends went to a place 3 hours to the north of Stockholm and skied for several hours there. We went on the green (easy) lines and it was quite some fun. After that, in the end of March my company went to Italy again and then I tried the red lines (they are more steep and difficult, but black ones are the most difficult [but supposedly most of fun]) and it was the rolling time again. It was a nice practice but somehow stressful, since if you are on the red line, if you fall, it is really hard to stand up without other person’s help. Obviously if there are people waiting for you, it becomes embarrassing. Most of the time I enjoyed it. Here are some pictures:


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