Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Internet: You Must Be Kidding Me!

Browsing through the recent news, I saw a link to a website where some of the really disturbing news was published. According to this site, the European Parliament will vote for the right of the internet providers in Europe to limit access to the certain websites. In other words, the internet service providers will be able to package and price access to the internet websites differently. So, the internet will become like a TV, you have 15 channels, you can use google, msn, bbc and some others and will not be able to access other sites. If you want YouTube, you will have to buy a separate "entertainment" package or similar.

It would be a perfect joke for the 1st of April but it seems like this is not the case. I cannot even imagine this happening. Everyone who has a website of their own now will be blocked from the outside world.  Can you imagine hosting your webpage somewhere in US and not being able to access it from Europe? Holy c***p!

There are technical issues that I am not sure about, such as, how will they actually fulfill it? There are quite a few ways going around restrictions like that. Second, it directly conflicts with the existing ISPs(Internet Service Providers) contracts that people have. Would that mean that there will be no providers that will allow full access to internet?

This law is supposed to be a step to prevent the piracy. The law itself, besides immoral, I think is pathetic. Just like in most court cases that have to do with the filesharing and internet, people in the government fail to understand that it is impossible to stop people who want to share the files. Has closing of Napster or Kazaa reduced piracy? Do you see The Pirate Bay going down? It is so obvious that there are far more ways of doing piracy in comparison with the ways of preventing it. People will start creating their own independent networks and share the files anyways. As the last option that people have is to burn discs and send them around in schools, universities and at work.

We will see where this leads in the next couple of days.

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Levon Levonian said...

Will never happen, whatever they say. This goes against the very idea of the world wide web. A TV channel can be owned by a company, but nobody can "own" a collection of web sites (servers), which unlike a limited number of channels, are hundreds of millions out there. I think it's an April 1st joke, which for some reason got delayed and published late. :)

Genadij Trimailov said...

Good point about ownership of a channel. I really hope that there will be enough smart and educated (IT-wise) people in the EU parliament who do realize the idea of world wide web.