Thursday, November 06, 2008

Music: Per Gessle - Party Crasher

A week ago, Per Gessle has released a single "Silly Really" from his forthcoming album Party Crasher. He seems to always experiment with the sound, so this time he picked up 70's disco style, not so much of a guitar, no live drums. The album will see the daylight on November 26 in Sweden, and depending on the success in Europe and then maybe worldwide. It feels almost like a comeback to the Joyride days with the catchy melody, bubblegum and baloons. Per Gessle will most likely go on European tour with that album.

Here are the previews of the songs on YouTube.

Silly Really

Stuck Here With Me

Sing Along



Anonymous said...

It was nice to watch Per Gessle's videos on your blog. Roxette is one of my favorite bands....

Have a look and listen to this video by the band "Daddy" which was released recently.

It's sung by the new young band from Sri Lanka who are known as "Daddy". Their music reminds me of the early days of Roxette.

Chandrayan Pidu

Enjoy..... this song is sung in the language called "Sinhala" which is widely spoken in Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

Hm, I don't think the entire album is "70's disco style" as you say, but clearly only one song. Other songs are purely the continuation of Roxette, imho. The fact that he sings in English (as opposed to Swedish) is a huge advantage, at least radio stations in other countries can play those songs (hopefully). [L]

Anonymous said...