Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Music: Ace of Base 2009

Ace of Base was popping out hits after hits during my high-school years. They have an album called "Happy Nation" which one of the best albums ever produced and it managed to sell 23 million copies worldwide. 2008 - they are trio now (Linn [the blond girl] left the band) and have released a remixed version of Wheel of Fortune and are promising to come up with a single and album next year. This year they are releasing 2CD+1DVD pack of their greatest hits and videos. There is some information on their website with the video of WOF2009 and 2 interviews. WOF2009 has been quite electonized to compensate for the missing vocals but I think it is a good track for clubs and I kinda like it like that. They were/are touring quite a few countries, including Russia, Lithuania and Belarus.



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