Friday, November 28, 2008

Media: TV Via Internet

It has been a couple of months since we asked the community members if we could put a satellite dish on the roof of the house to get some extra channels for us, particularly Russian ones. A week ago or so we got a negative answer from them with the classic explanation that no one would be responsible for the accident if the satellite gets broken and hits another balcony or person. Well, nothing we could do here. I did a small research in the market of the alternatives and realized that there are several companies that are doing quite a good job at transferring TV content via internet. With 2 megabit line it is possible to get a really decent quality picture. It costs almost as much (15 Euros) per month as Swedish cable TV provider ComHem would charges just for one Russian channel. So, I gave it a try and decided to purchase it. It is possible to purchase a digital box that would transfer the video to your TV which becomes really handy if you want to watch it on the big screen or keep you computer for other needs. The picture looks like a good DivX movie on my 24" screen, so I guess it will be pretty good on the 46" TV as well.

What we have ordered now is 1 year subscription, and a wired digital box for the TV (it is possible to get a wireless one too). It cost 328 Euros including the shipping of the digital box. Now we can already watch Russian channels on the computer and the digital box has been shipped to us. Until now I cannot complain about the quality of the service. Even during the peak times when the news is shown, it does not get any worse and I am satisfied. If you are living abroad and are interested in seeing Russian channels via Internet on the TV (2 megabit line is enough), you might consider this alternative to the satellite TV. The service is provided by a German company Kartina GMBH (not Katrina as some people, including me, read the first time).


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Спасибо! А я тоже вначале Katrina прочитал :)