Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Games: Buying A Console for Christmas

Christmas time approaching, I was thinking about giving myself a present in a form of a game console. I discussed the question with couple of friends and these are my thoughts.

There are 3 main game consoles available these days, which are PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and Ninetendo Wii. Even though the sales of Will sky rocked:

September 2008 figures:
Wii - 34.55 million
Xbox 360 - 22.5 million
PS3 - 16.84 million

leaving behind PS and XB, the console, on the large scale, is concerned to be one for the kids and some sports enthusiasts. If you are into strategy, action and first person shooters, you can hardly go with Wii. Someone would ask, which console would deliver better graphics? The question is -- you can hardly distinguish between them. It is not like the time when you would compare Sega with Nintendo or Spectrum with Commodore. These days you must go with additional features, exclusive games and price. As always with MS, it took a year to fix the bugs with the red rings of death (or whatever it is called) and add HDMI input, so not the console is ready for a serious buyer. PS on the other hand has a BlueRay player which is considered to be a huge plus. Again, for me, I am satisfied with the DVD quality and the way my DVD player upscales it to the 46" TV. I am not a guge movie collector, so, BlueRay is unnecessary addon for me which I would skip this time and buy a dedicated player later on. Both consoles support HDMI, 5.1 sound and are noisy. Lastly the price. when I looked roughly at the prices in Sweden, I could see that comparing the most basic editions and most advanced editions of consoles, PS is 2 times more expensive than xBox.

There are not so many exclusive games for each of the consoles. Quite often a game comes out on both and there is a PC version as well. Some of the games come out on PC only, for instance. I must admit I prefer using keyboard and mouse to the gamepads but that is just a habbit that I will learn quite fast. There are some classic games being released for both consoles, like ones from Sega Genesis, for example, or Action Packs from Microsoft or Namco with Arkanoid, Pacman, Motos and so on. Everyone has got the favorites from that time (that time meaning if you are of the same age as I).

I have found one video with graphics comparison of the same game on XB and PS. Obsiously it depends on the programmatic implementation and not only on hardware limitations and not using a full potential on one of the systems. But it can give some ideas anyways.

So, mailny based on price and no-need-for-BlueRay-player, my choice will be XBOX360 Elite.


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