Monday, October 06, 2008

Cartoons: Подруга (USSR 1989)

It happened a couple of times to me that I recall a movie or a cartoon that I have seen during my childhood. Most of the times it is rather easy to find it with the help of the Internet. However one of the cartoons that I was searching for took me quite a long time. First, this cartoon was shown in cinema before the movie “Flight of the Navigator” and it was quite some time ago. Second, it did not have any dialogs so I was not sure if it was a cartoon made in USSR or it was a foreign cartoon. And finally, it had a bit weird story plot where a fish drowns in the end :) .

Just like with the most of the movies from the past, this cartoon does not look as inspiring as it did at the time when I watched it for the first time. However it did manage to won a prize at that time. See it for yourself:

info on Wikipedia (rus)


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