Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Music: Swedish Side of Roxette

Most people know Roxette, not so many know the solos that both parts of the duo have done. I am not a big fan of their off-Roxette works either but here are 2 Swedish songs from both artists that I like the most.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Music: DJ Boyko & Sound Shocking

It was almost 2 years ago, when, being in Klaipeda in the night club Metelica I picked up a song by DJ Boyko and Sound Shocking called Глубоко (Deep). I listened to the album and that was the only song that I really liked. And after 2 years this is the song that I still listen to almost every day. This video is a club/long version of the song. However a shorter/radio version was released as well. This is hardly a live performance but it is just for the sake of listening to the song.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Technology: Microwave Inverter by Panasonic

Microwaves became almost a must have at home mostly for heating up the food or defrosting. Choosing a microwave becomes a matter of design and size and programs and not so much about the technology behind it. So when we were choosing one, I looked up for a couple of reviews and found and interesting video about Panasonic trying to enhance the technology with the Inverter. And I wondered why was not it used in every microwave in the first place because it is really how microwaves should work. Take a look.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Technology: Universal Remote Control

I could hardly imagine my life without having a single remote control in the house. You end up having TV, DVD and Stereo as the minimum setup for the room. And what comes up with it - 3 remote controls. Here, in Sweden, I have seen in the shops that there are universal remote controls for sale but I never believed they could do a good job at actually supporting most of the devices. While searching for a set of speakers and information on how to place them, I have found the solution for not only a great universal remote control but also a way to put all the devices inside the furniture and still be able for the signal from the remote control ro reach them. The device is Power Blaster that has some wires that get connected from the device to the place where the signal gets received by your device. So, there are 2 options to buy. First, if you want just the remote control. The second the the pack that includes the remote control and the Power Blaster (that makes it possible to hide your devices inside the furniture and still be able to reach it with the remote control..

The solution is for the North Americal market but I will try to find something similar in Europe (without the trippled price for the import) or I will get it shipped here.

Press Release from 2006
Remote Control Description
Amazon Page

Some of the companies went beyound that and created bigger, with the color touchscreens remote controls that include quite a few additional features and even games. However the price of such devices will popup really high. I would mention that if your mobile phone has Infra Red port, it can also be used as a remote contol with some additional software.


Monday, September 01, 2008

Freeware: PDF Toolset for Everyday Use

There used to be times when Adobe Acrobat (not reader) and Distiller were the only tools to create the PDF files, arrange them, extract pages from, convert to other type of documents and so on. I was really surprised how many people still believe that Adobe Acrobat is the only tool for that. It is the tool if you are planning a serious publishing tasks and you need to deliver a really specific PDF file tweaked for a certain typographical settings or if you need to create scripts inside PDF Files that will do some text manipulations. However if your major task is to send the documents between each other and just to make sure it prints the same way from every computer, here is a set of tools that will be able to help you with that.

To start with, both Open Office and Microsoft Office (although MS Office requires a separate free download addon) support Save As PDF.

Here is a set of freeware tools that might help you when not using Office application but for example if you want to create a PDF from your browser, notepad, development application, etc. The programs listed here have support for XP and Vista both x86 and x64 platforms. Obviously there are more tools that can do the same thing but these are of my personal preference:

1. PDF Creating Tool (via a PDF printer driver installed on the computer)
BullZip PDF Printer

2. PDF Tools (encrypting, decrypting, joining, splitting, stamping, rearranging)
Sheel PDF Tools

3. PDF to DOC Converter (converts your PDF files to Word DOC files)
PDF to Word Doc