Monday, August 25, 2008

Politics: Big Guys Fight - Small Guys Suffer

One of the most talked topics these days is the conflict between [pause] well, originally used to be Georgia and Ossetia, now it is Georgia and Russia but it is almost USA and Russia. Quite a few people asked me what is my opinion about it, since I am considered to be Russian more than anyone else. I was not much into politics before since I believe that all politicians and [joke start] lawyers are the first in the line to burn in hell [joke end] .

However I decided to express my thoughts on this topic. First, conflicts like these make me mad because, as always, these are the civilians who pay the highest price. Second, it only now proved to me that USA is really getting to dominate the world and none of the so called world organization and unions (UN, NATO, EU) are able to go against the policies of the USA. As an example to compare the current conflict with Iraq conflict. It is unbelievable how easy the whole world agreed that US should go into Iraq, like they were the only ones who were able to "liberate" the country. You are on the other opposite side of the planet, for God's sake. I am really sick of the USA policies of bringing the peace and security into the world by placing the military bases in every country and cutting off their GDP.

I never supported the violent way of solving the problem and I do not thing that either Russia or USA doing any good. My observation is the world's reaction to conflicts like that, when you can see who is winning (probably the most important) the media war, who is holding other countries under control and trying to place weapons there and who is just a little freak who is dancing around big guys earning money and letting civilians of his country suffer.

Overall, I really hope that this conflict will not grow into anything bigger and that the two giants will calm down.


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This is good one :)
....I believe that all politicians and [joke start] lawyers are the first in the line to burn in hell [joke end]....