Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Transportation: Think Electric Cars

Today I talked with my colleague about the situation in Lithuania, electricity prices, global warming and other things. He happened to mention that Norwegians started to produce a Think car that is fully electric and gives around 200km of driving, which is excellent for the city. Obviously it is environmentally friendly. You would not pack your IKEA furniture in it but for getting to work or to the sports place is just what you need. I have been thinking about a car like this.

It is not a prototype and is being produced in Norway already. This year Denmark and Sweden will follow. The battery for the car is rented and includes a full service. It is going to cost around 25000 Euros and for 200 Euros per month, you are going to get full service, insurance and electricity.



Levon Levonian said...

The idea is really nice. If only those electric cars looked nice as well. Tesla Roadster (also fully electric) in California costs $100,000 -- that's way too expensive, but it also looks beautiful, unlike all other production electric cars that I've seen so far. I am too concerned about the environment, and most likely my next car will also be fully electric, or at least a hybrid.
If only the government could tax the pollution! In 21st century it feels like the stone age. Some bastards drive Hammers and pay approximately the same taxes as those driving a Civic or Corolla, not fair!!! :)

Mashulia said...

I completely agree! :)