Wednesday, July 30, 2008

News: Back from Holidays in LIthuania

Last weekend we came back from our 2 week holidays in Lithuania. As always the time flew really fast and we had quite a few things to do and even did not manage to meet all our friends. Together with some business, we had some relatives coming to meet us as well. So, it was pretty intensive holidays with not too much rest and we are sorry if we missed some of you this time. We managed to get to the seaside for a couple of times and see the first day of the Sea Festival in Klaipeda.

There were quite a few things waiting for us back in Stockholm. First, this Friday we will be fully moved to our new apartment. We have ordered some furniture and there are so many things to thing and consider for the new apartment.

So, I am back at work, enjoying an empty office (all of the development guys are still on holidays this week) and going through the list of bugs that I need to fix.

So many things, so little time.

N-Joy the summer.


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Mashulia said...

Time flies :) Congratulations on moving in. Good Job! :)