Thursday, June 26, 2008

News: Apartment, Football,Traveling

Tomorrow (July 27th) we are getting the keys to our new apartment. Today we signed the papers in the bank and tomorrow we officially will become the owners of our new apartment. There are lots of things to do, most of which are nice and exciting.

At the same time we have planned our next trip to Klaipeda. We will come on the 13th of July and will stay there for 2 weeks until the 26th of July. So, I guess I will see some of you around. Next time we will try to coordinate the dates a bit more carefully so we would see as many people as we could. We will also try to combine/coordinate our travel plans with some of our friends from Spain, Russia, Netherlands and some others so we could meet together for a big party.

In addition today Russia plays Spain in football semifinals and that is going to be an interesting game I guess and I hope to see Russian in finals.

All for now.
Have a good weekend everybody.


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Anonymous said...

Поздравляем с покупкой.
Ждем вас в Клайпеде.
Инга и Сергей

P.S. Какая боль, какая боль... Испания - Россия 3:0 :(