Thursday, June 26, 2008

News: Apartment, Football,Traveling

Tomorrow (July 27th) we are getting the keys to our new apartment. Today we signed the papers in the bank and tomorrow we officially will become the owners of our new apartment. There are lots of things to do, most of which are nice and exciting.

At the same time we have planned our next trip to Klaipeda. We will come on the 13th of July and will stay there for 2 weeks until the 26th of July. So, I guess I will see some of you around. Next time we will try to coordinate the dates a bit more carefully so we would see as many people as we could. We will also try to combine/coordinate our travel plans with some of our friends from Spain, Russia, Netherlands and some others so we could meet together for a big party.

In addition today Russia plays Spain in football semifinals and that is going to be an interesting game I guess and I hope to see Russian in finals.

All for now.
Have a good weekend everybody.


Monday, June 02, 2008

Freeware: Antivirus for Personal Use

Antivirus applications were always a critical element for computer beginners and for people who might expose themselves to threads by downloading something from not so much trusted websites. Almost 10 years ago I made my first choice of choosing antivirus software. There was not so much choice at that time. Most popular ones were Norton Antivirus and McAfee. I talked to my friends (there was not so much available internet at that time to read the reviews) and Norton became my choice. And it was my choice for a very long time. It was about a year ago or so when we got a notebook for Marie and I really thought to look if there is a freeware version of the antivirus protection software for the home/personal use. I also noticed that the thing I do not like in Norton is the interface. Just like when I dropped WinAmp and started using Foobar, that says, "The quality of the sound is not skinnable," Norton provides a pretty heavy interface for the application, that loads pretty slow and has a heavy installation pack while you access it not so often and usually just see the icon in the notification area. So, "The quality of the security is not skinnable" either. Obviously, it is a matter of personal preference.

So, going back to the Antivirus software, I am currently using Avast. That was the first software that would work with Vista x64 that I have at home. After reading a review on 3dnews, I am thinking about giving a try to another antivirus software (that was actually almost hated in the computer lab during my college years for not being able to handle/scan the macros in the Word and Excel files but I think they had improved during the last years).

Anyways, if you are looking for a free antivirus solution for home, it might be a good choice. It's free for personal use, it is rather light and has a good reputation.

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