Saturday, May 17, 2008

Music: Back to the 90's - Dr Alban VS Haddaway

Today I heard Dr Alban song on the radiostation and decided to look his webpage online and was nicely surprised by the amount of media available on his webpage. There are video clips available there and description of the discography. I know there might be some people from my school and college years who liked this artist and might be interested in checking out if they have missed something. There is also a new project by Dr Alban in collaboration with Haddaway (another great artist from the 90's) and they are preparing a new single to be prepared. Even though both artists have been releasing abums all the time, there was not so much attention on them and I had listened to their works and it didn't feel like it was something special. This time however, I really hope that this cooperation will produce something worth worldwide attention.



drskit said...

Hi man

I just talked to Dr.Alban last night and he told me the song Celebrate the 90s will be released on the site on monday. Mail me @ if u wanna talk about alban.

drskit said...

Go to

The promo is there

Anonymous said...
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