Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movies: WALL·E by Pixar

I always liked cartoons produced by Pixar. They seem to know what they are doing. To name a few of their works, they have done Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille.

We were in the shopping center yesterday and I saw the preview of a cartoon WALL-E that will appear in the cinemas June 27 the in US and September 5 in Sweden (OMG!). I also looked at the profile of Pixar on IMDB and saw that they are announcing some more cartoons that will be released before 2011, including Toy Story 3.

Wall-E on Disney
Wall-E on Pixar


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Opinion: Sweden -- A Thing I Hate About It

Sweden is a good country in many aspects. Each and every country has its own peculiarities and Sweden is not an exception. After almost 2 years of living in Sweden, the worst thing that I have faced here is bureaucracy. There could easily 2 institutions sending you back and forth saying they need a paper from the second one before the first one can proceed. If you need to do something about documents, registrations, dealing with the mobile, cable and internet providers and any kind of paperwork first you will be in a line for half an hour, then there will be a different person than the one you talked to yesterday and you will have to tell the whole story again. And the answers from different clerks of the same institution could be insanely different. Most of the time they just do not care and are really happy to send you to another person or tell that someone is on vacation and you should come in 2 weeks. There are exceptions but you need to be lucky to get lucky. Even Lithuania was a bit better in this case.

A good image of a bureaucrat was created in the movie “The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy”

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sports: Russia -- World Ice Hockey Champion

I just finished watching the final World Ice Hockey Championship game where Russia played Canada. I must admit it was a really great game where Russia losing 2:4 was able to gain control of the game and make the score even 4:4 by the end of the game and then score the final gold goal in the over time. 5:4 and Russia is a champion after a long 15 years break. Congratulations!

Pictures from the game
International Ice Hockey Federation
World Ice Hockey Championships on Wikipedia


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Music: Back to the 90's - Dr Alban VS Haddaway

Today I heard Dr Alban song on the radiostation and decided to look his webpage online and was nicely surprised by the amount of media available on his webpage. There are video clips available there and description of the discography. I know there might be some people from my school and college years who liked this artist and might be interested in checking out if they have missed something. There is also a new project by Dr Alban in collaboration with Haddaway (another great artist from the 90's) and they are preparing a new single to be prepared. Even though both artists have been releasing abums all the time, there was not so much attention on them and I had listened to their works and it didn't feel like it was something special. This time however, I really hope that this cooperation will produce something worth worldwide attention.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Русский язык: Не совсем русское слово, но…

Как то помню один знакомый человек как то сказал что слово пацан на самом деле имеет корни уходящие немного не в русский язык и имеющие довольно сомнительное значение. Пробежался я по поиску и нашел несколько страниц совпадающие с этим утверждением. Так вот, прежде чем говорить, «я на пару часов с пацанами пивка выпить», может неплохо вот эту цитату прочесть.


Все наверняка неоднократно слышали такое громкой слово как "пацан", которое должно изображать нечто нимеоверно крутое, все при понятиях и все такое... недавно я задумался, случайно услышав одно из еврейских ругательств.. оно звучало так: "ты настоящий поц". Услышано было в одном из фильмов:) Дык вот, чего-то от нечего делать перерыл инет в поисках перевода сиего перла народного искусства и нарыл презабавную статейку... зачитав ее, выяснил, что "поц" - ни что иное, как мужской детородный орган". Тут же пришло в голову явная однокоренность (хз, короче как правильно, по русскому все равно тройка в школе:) ) слов "поц" и "пацан":) еще чуток попозже выяснилось (у соседа - стопроцентного евремя, когда покурить вышли вместе), что "пацан" в вольном переводе с еврейской мовы означает ни что иное как тот же самы детородны орган, только уменьшенных размеров:))) (жаль матом высказать не получится - правила есть правила)
А теперь, внимание! Вопрос: кто тут еще есть пацан?:)))
Мне вот лично себя как-то стремно пацаном назвать:))


Science: Large Hadron Collider

I saw it on Discovery channel one day. A huge group of scientists are building a tunnel where they want to accelerate the particles up to the speed that would produce something similar to a black hole. What kind of interest do I have in that, you would ask? Well, I read quite a few sci-fi books and seen quite a few movies (just like many of us) where people travel through outer space and have cars that, I could say, flying. Well, after reading so much so much fantasies, it is kinda shame that we still use gasoline to move on 4 rubber wheels and manage pollute the environment with that. I really hope that during my life there will be radical discoveries and there is something left to discover and ... yes I would like to travel to space and see the earth from the surface of the moon or something.

Anyways, here are the links to the websites dedicated to the "Large Hadron Collider" project:
Large Hadron Collider


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jobs: Remote Job Opportunity in Stockholm

In-between the jobs, I was working part time for one company that is an online store for the sportswear and underwear. After I got another job, and started to learn Swedish more intensively, I can hardly find any time for keeping up with this project and I would really like to find a reliable person who could take over my project there.

It can be a person from almost anywhere in Europe or Russia :) who could work part time from home (or even full-time is possible) via remote software and could get some days (maybe a weekend) to fly (the company will pay) to Stockholm for orientation and when it is necessary to be there when there is a new project coming. It is not an intense job and it is fun. You do not need to know Swedish but you do need to know English. Well, you need to be a C# .Net developer and have some sort of experience in Windows Forms (ASP .Net would be nice as well) and MS SQL Server. I would help the person with the information and help to take over the code. So if you know someone who would be interested, please let them know (or contact me). :)