Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Computers: Russian Phonetic Layout (XP+, x64, x86)

For quite a long time I was using LithWin for Windows to add Russian Phonetic keyboard layout, so the letters/sounds pronounced in Russian would be the same letters pronounced in English. In other words, having a keyboard layout with the following layout:
A=А B=Б C=Ц D=Д E=Е F=Ф G=Г H=Х ... and so on.

With Lithwin, it worked on 2000, 2003, XP and even on Vista but only 32 bits. On the 64 bits Windows it didn't work. With the help of Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, it is possible to open he existing layouts and then create installations for other versions of Windows, including x64. So, I have recompiled the Russian Phonetic to make it possible to run on Vista x64. It will work on any windows starting from Windows 2000 as well. So, if you cannot find the Russian Phonetic layout for XP, you can use this one. In comparison with LithWin, it will automatically add the language to the installed/used ones. Download it here.

Update 1: Works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 both x86 and x64 editions.

Update 2: It will not be possible to install it on Windows 8 RT. There is Mnemonic Russian keyboard layout available in RT. It has the same principle but a slightly different layout (which I actually don't like as much as the Phonetic one)

Update 3: If it installs on Windows 8 but is not shown in the language menu, try adding a usual 
Russian (touch) input method first, then installing the Phonetic layout. It should all the Phonetic to the language list. After that remove the usual Russian input method.

Update 4: 2014-10-02: Just installed it on Windows Technical Preview Build 9841. Works as expected.

Update 5: 2016-01-16: It installs OK on Windows 10 (x64) new installations but requires restart for the layout to come up in the language panel (even though it does not say that explicitly).  



Levon Levonian said...

I've been using Russian phonetic layout for 7 years or so, and just recently realized that it makes a person handicapped, in a sense that it's virtually impossible to be able to type in Cyrillic anywhere else but your own PC (I cannot carry around a flash drive and install it on computers in public libraries, internet cafes, kiosks, at work, etc). I think that it's bad and I am gradually switching to the "normal" standard Russian layout -- man it takes time, 'cause it's easy to get used to "convenient" things and very hard to break the habit and re-learn. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

Genadij Trimailov said...

Well, first, if we look at Sweden and probably Canada, in public libraries and internet cafes there is no Russian language support at all, so you would have to use english letters for the most of the time anyways. Second, I do not use russian that much these days and learning normal russian layout wouldn't be that beneficial. I especially buy the keyboards that have no russian layout just because I like the clean layout of the keyboard without the two symbols on it. I would rather learn English Dvorak then. Obviosly for people who learned Russian keyboard already, having Phonetic doesn' make sence. Well, anyways, you can always get away with typing latin letters instead of the russian, kogda russkaja raskladka nedostupna.

Anonymous said...

For all those, who have access to internet and need a quick tool for typing in anyway russian Phonetic or not keyboar, there is a site http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/paulGor/screen_e.htm or just type "klava" into google and the first entry will be the link to the site. But it is not convenient when You are at home, so thank You for making it availiable for all us using Windows x64.

Marijus said...

Thank You,
I've been looking for something like this for a while now.. the layout is exactly as I like. Thanks again for the link.



Anonymous said...

I'm not too bright when it comes to computers. Could someone give me step by step installation instructions, plz. I could not open any of the files. The pop up says "oshibka 4teniya faila" or won't open .dll file. Help. Want write Russian now :)

Genadij Trimailov said...
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Vitaly Kozadayev said...

Спасибо за простую, удобную прогу.

И спасибо за V = в, а не ж :)

Andy said...

Огромное спасибо за прогу. Юзаю Win 7 64 bit

maminka said...

Thank you very much!!!!!

Costel said...

First, thanks. Second, err, I use colemak layout to type anyways, set by some registry remapping so.. my letters are scrambled anyways. But now I can type Cyrillic with my lovely scrambled letters.

Amber Anything said...

Thank you so much for this! My mum recently upgraded her PC and Win 7 doesn't come with the phonetic language as standard. Poor thing was worried she'd have to relearn the Russian keyboard entirely!

Thank you for providing the phonetic keyboard. I was able to install it successfully for her and now she is now able to continue her work as a translator.

A few of the letters were different from the phonetic keyboard on her XP computer but as she said it's only a couple letters that don't have an English equivalent (the hard and soft signs etc).


Zbyněk Kami Vacek said...

Спасибо, Генадий! Мой винклав к сожалению незаработал в виндоус 7, но твой работает отлично! Ещё раз, большое спасибо!

Chip Wolt said...

privet, Gen!

Na Win8 Ent N x64 ne paset :(


Genadij Trimailov said...

у меня у самого Win8 Ent N x64


в программах:

так что должно работать. до тебя о проблемах никто не сообщал :)