Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Computers: Order is Placed

It's been now several months since I went to Lithuania and gave my notebook to my sister, thinking soon I am going to buy a normal desktop for me. My family and friends know that computers play a great (maybe too great) role in my life. So, some weeks ago the time came to make an order. For some time I was thinking should I get an AMD or Intel system. After reading several magazines, browsing the web and asking people around, I figured out that to get a powerful PC this days (almost high-end), you must go with Intel systems. AMD is lagging for almost 6 months now with not being able to release a quad processor for desktop. It was possible to get a motherboard with 2 processor slots for AMD but this would mean more heat and noise. Even with that type of motherboard and 2 duo processors, latest Intel Quad processor would still outperform that. So, I made a decision to go for Intel Quad system and I have ordered the parts already. I will receive the order by the 26th of October, go home and put the parts together for them to become my new desktop. I will put the specs and details with some pictures after I am done with the "building" process.


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Marina and Levon Levonian said...

Your new system rules! Worms Armageddon forever!!!