Friday, October 26, 2007

Security: Facebook Users Warning

One of the Swedish news pages in English today posted an interesting warning to some 400.000 Swedish users of facebook. I think there is something to consider. Here is the citation:
A Swedish government IT advisor has warned the country's estimated 400,000 Facebook users that the networking website's terms and conditions amount to a "slave contract."

Pär Ström, a member of the government's IT Council and integrity spokesman at think tank Den Nya Välfärden, says the 13-page contract users agree to when joining Facebook gives the US company rights over their personal information and photographs.

"People think it is free to join, but you pay with your personal integrity and your future. When you apply for a job in 30 years, the recruiter will be sitting there with what you have written," he told Metro.

I am out of facebook.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Security: Flash Drive Content

For quite some time I was having a question in my head about "how to keep the data on a flash drive in a secure way?". It's also nice to have some small applications on the flash drive as well, Total Commander, for example. For that, I must carry the license file on the same flash drive as well. The same is true about the documents. I also want to make sure that the documents that I put on the flash drive are securely stored and if I lose the flash drive, no one could open it. For that reason I bought a U3 flash drive that has U3 security system on it. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to search if there are any alternatives for this type of security that would not be hardware dependant (U3 security system will only work on the drives that have U3 hardware in them), so I could put it on my MP3 player as well or lets say my 40GB external drive. I discovered quite fast that there is a way for that and that is what people do at

Although both of them (U3 and PortableApps) serve the same purpose, there are quite a few differences between them. Here is short article that compares them. There are some other differences between them such as U3 system not having exe files stored on the disc but in special compressed format. Another difference would be the way files are actually executed (U3 will extract the files to the temp directory on the hard drive while portableapps will run it right from the usb stick). Anyways, both systems are quite good and it is worth considering if you are planning to buy a new usb stick or you have one and want to have more security there rather than just compressing your documents with the password. And you can always install portableapps on your older stick to enable security.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Computers: Order is Placed

It's been now several months since I went to Lithuania and gave my notebook to my sister, thinking soon I am going to buy a normal desktop for me. My family and friends know that computers play a great (maybe too great) role in my life. So, some weeks ago the time came to make an order. For some time I was thinking should I get an AMD or Intel system. After reading several magazines, browsing the web and asking people around, I figured out that to get a powerful PC this days (almost high-end), you must go with Intel systems. AMD is lagging for almost 6 months now with not being able to release a quad processor for desktop. It was possible to get a motherboard with 2 processor slots for AMD but this would mean more heat and noise. Even with that type of motherboard and 2 duo processors, latest Intel Quad processor would still outperform that. So, I made a decision to go for Intel Quad system and I have ordered the parts already. I will receive the order by the 26th of October, go home and put the parts together for them to become my new desktop. I will put the specs and details with some pictures after I am done with the "building" process.