Saturday, August 25, 2007

Job: One Week at Ascade

Well, one week has passed since I have started at Ascade and I must say my happiness about working there has raised together with the days. On the fist day I got a bit overwhelmed with the information but later on I realized that there is no particular immediate rush and I will manage to catch up with the process. Before September, there are some other new people joining the company and that will be the time when the main training will happen and the actual real work will start. I got the idea about how the work is done and which tools are used. I think every company that has chosen .NET platform, does it in its own particular way, having own framework, controls, tools and so on. There are quite a few smart people in Ascade and I will learn a lot from them in the process, I like the idea of learning from people with experience rather than just reading the books. People are very friendly here. The major difference from my experience is that Oracle database is used and not MS SQL. I think I will benefit from learning Oracle SQL PL since it is widely used in the world. The next time I will have to install the database on my computer, I will have to think which one :). Technically, in comparison with Tobii, this job is much closer to one that I had at Basic Partner in Klaipeda.

The company uses Dell computers and servers. My computer is not brand new but it's P4 3.00Ghz, 2GB RAM, 150 GB HD, Radeon X300. Surprisingly, there are quite a few ergonomic devices here. First is the vertical mouse which I have talked about in my previous emails and the second one is mouse trapper which is almost in every government institution and banks these days in Sweden. I will ask if I can get one of those for me.

So, Ascade office is on the 3rd floor and there are other companies in the same big (wide) building as well. In the past, I think it used to be a brewery there but now offices are there. I have a view on the water and I can see the town hall from the window in front of me. There are quite a few restaurants outside to go for lunch and there are two food stores near the office where I can buy lunch, bring it to the office and eat it there if we are too lazy cooking at home.

The room where I work is pretty big and some 15 people are in the same room. It has a very good air conditioning system and I hope it will have a good heating system in winter as well. As about the office location, it's around 30 minutes from the place where we live. Half of the way I travel together with Marie (5 minutes by bus and then 10 minutes by metro) and then I switch to another line and travel one more stop by metro while Marie goes a couple of stops further.
Here is the picture of my working place with some view from the window:



Levon Levonian said...

The place looks really nice.

Anonymous said...

Klassnyj ofis! ;)