Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun: Music CDs Collection as my Hobby

I have got some questions about what I was doing during the time while I was on my summer holidays. Well, besides being lazy, drinking beer and gaining some extra weight, I came back to my old hobby which is collecting CDs. I spent a lot of time eBay and Tradera (Swedish eBay) and managed to get almost all Roxette CD Singles released. CD Singles are not that popular in Lithuania and I will give a short explanations what it is.

A CD Single or/a Maxi CD is a CD that might be either 5" (like a normal CD) or quite rare these days 3" (a smaller CD). Singles usually come in thinner plastic boxes or carton ones. In US, the singles come in normal CD boxes like albums. So, a single is usually a track from the album that is put on the CD with some extra material (remixes, edits, demos, live material, non-album tracks) or can be just one song and sold for a shorter period of time (unlike albums), from 2 weeks to 2 months maximum and then gets deleted from the catalog and cannot be ordered by the stores from the record companies anymore. These sales define the singles charts positions. Very often (but not always) a single gets a video promotion that is shown on MTV, Viva and so on. Sometimes single versions, album versions and video versions are slightly different. I remember that in school times I thought that the video version of the song was the "original" one. But it appears that the album versions quite often are edited for the singles. From time to time there are remixes that are release only on vinyl discs.

So, I decided to pay a tribute to the old-school times and collected quite a few Roxette singles (around 40) with various rare versions and live material. I also got their vinyl albums and some vinyl singles with the tracks that were not released on CDs. Along with my growing Roxette collection, I tried to get singles of Dr.Alban, U96, Erasure, DJ Bobo, Snap, Scooter, Westbam, Culture Beat, Haddaway, Madonna, Pet Shop Boys and some other bands from my high-school times when music was really something I was crazy about. Usually they wouldn't cost more than 5-6 Euros per CD with shipping. From time to time I try to search for the CDs like that just in case there is something interesting. I don't spend a fortune on that just from time to time here and there a couple of Euros. Obviously everyone has own taste and I have got my favorites. It's a nice feeling to have them in the collection, since there are fewer and fewer bands that could produce one good song after another. Is it us getting older or is it the world of music changing so much. Anyways there are quite a few old tracks that you do not get bored of even these days, and I am really happy that some of the old times figures are still making music and can compete with todays teenagers demand for music.


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