Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Events: Tall Ships in Stockholm

Catchin’ up a little with the events. In the end of July, in Stockholm there was a day when quite a few tall ships “parked” in Stockholm to spend a weekend and then go for the race. There were some events arrange for that. There was a parade when the teams from different countries (pretty much from all around the world) would march through the center of the city. After that there was a short concert where the same teams would present a song. After all, there was a long evening with small stages all around as well as beer and snacks. Here are some pictures of the ships. There was one ship that attracted a lot of attention. It was Russian Shtandart, which is a nice replica of the old frigate.

In 2009, the tall ships races will make a stop in Klaipeda for a couple of days.

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