Saturday, August 25, 2007

Computers: What to Buy - Classics

Since I have given my notebook to my sister and preparing myself for buying a new desktop pc, the first aspects I am looking for is processor and monitor. On the web I have found a short review from the magazine and found some information on what to see when you look at monitors and processors. I will be looking for the quad system, so I was particularly looking for these solutions. Since Intel has quad processors already, they have the advantage. AMD, on the other hand uses 2 sockets on the motherboard with 2 duo processors which it makes it into a quad system. What AMD tells on the other hand is that as soon as they release quad processors, you will be able to replace 2 duo processors with 2 quad processors which will make it into octo (8x) system without the need to upgrade the motherboard. So, I am kinda on the AMD side although before the review I was on Intel side. Well, one month to go before I will buy it and I need to find the place in Stockholm who will do a custom build for me but it’s never too bad to have some info upfront. The review has not only the guide for the processors but also for LCD monitors.


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