Monday, July 02, 2007

Misc: June in Stockholm

So, I am having two and a half months off this summer which I am pretty much enjoying. There are a couple of things missing that would be the sea closer to our place and some friends from Klaipeda. Well, what can we do? On June 13 I attended a record signing session for the release of the new album by Per Gessle (of Roxete) sung in Swedish. Not my favorite album but I bought it and got signed. I had to stand in the line for one our but it was worth it. I hope one of those days both Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle will be signing records as the new Roxette album will be out. Future will show.

From time to time we try to explore new parts of the city, take walks in the center, meet with friends and have a beer or just sit on the benches by the bay and drink soda and eat some cinnamon rolls. Last weekend we dropped by a flee marked. My expectation were too high for that place. I was thinking it will be something like in Klaipeda with the stuff actually look at. The place was much smaller than the market in Klaipeda with the very few things of my interest. There were mostly Asian people selling various things and the theme of everything was pretty much Asian – the cloth, music, books and so on. We spent 15 minutes there. Maybe we should search for another flee market some day.

And here are some pictures of us and of our current apartment


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