Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hardware: Skype Outside the Box

For quite some time I have been thinking about getting a palm device that would work with Skype. I wanted to have a messenger separate from the computer, working with wireless. These days it’s impossible to get a palm lower than 300 Euros and it will include a camera, phone and will be running Windows Mobile 5 or 6. So, I was looking for a touch-screen device without the camera, without the phone with the thumb keyboard. It wasn’t an easy task but after several hours of research I have found that there is an iPAQ 4350 that fits my desires. It runs Windows Mobile 2003 Premium on 400 MHz processor. Well, there were 2 operating systems released after (the device is 4+ years old) that so I wouldn’t be able to run the latest software. On the other hand, I needed a Skype carrier, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (I already had a Bluetooth GPS receiver). Combined all the things it was the best and the only choice. It took me 3 weeks to hunt it on eBay and I finally got it for 170 US$ which is a very good deal. I received the device yesterday, installed all sorts of programs, tweaks and so on, and I should say I like it better than the latest Sony Mylo communicator (mainly due to the absence of the touch screen), for instance. Email, internet, icq, msn, pdf but no Java (I don’t think any of the WM devices can run java these days. Well, here are some pictures.


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