Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Trips: On the Road Again

Last week we managed to move to a new flat closer to the center of Stockholm. We rented a small Toyota Yaris, packed it with our stuff and it was my new experience as a driver in Stockholm. There was some adrenalin during the way some wrong turns and some weird situations but we managed it alright, I think.

Since the last week, Marie went to Belarus to change her passport and I went to Lithuania to see my grandmother in Vilnius hospital, who was in a pretty bad shape. The doctors diagnosed the 4th stage of cancer. She spent 3 weeks in the hospital, wasn’t able to eat or drink anything. Later, after the operation it appeared to be a small thing with bowel, so there was no cancer. Medicine sucks big time in Lithuania. Things like that make me mad. Thanks God my grandmother is doing a bit better now.

Besides that I had a chance to meet my family and my friends and catch a couple of hot summer days here, in Klaipeda which I enjoyed a lot. The beer is good, as usual. There are some things that I missing from Lithuania but not enough to keep me there.

Marie is back in Stockholm and today is her first day at work. I am going back to Sweden on Friday. I am wishing everyone a pleasant and hot (rainy when it’s needed) summer. It might be so that I will be back to Klaipeda sometime in July – August but for now it’s kinda early to say.

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Andrej Gorbatniov said...

So, you are in Klaipeda right now. I'll try to catch you here :)