Thursday, June 28, 2007

Job: Next Step - Ascade

During past 2 months I have been actively searching for a new job. My position at Tobii hasn’t been very satisfactory neither to the company nor to me mainly due to the language issues. So, the 27 of May was my last day at Tobii. It’s not an easy task to search for a job in Sweden even with IT experience when you have to say, “I have just started learning Swedish.” Most hiring agencies will be glad to have you on their list and will invite you for the interview but there are very few chances you will catch anything really fast there. I have been looking for a job in Sweden 2 times now and in both time we (Marie and I) did the search on our own and that what brought the results. From the April 27 – June 25 (Almost 2 months) I have applied to almost 200+ companies that had a “smell” of .NET, C# or VB. I had gone to 4 inerviews. Well, there is actually the 5th one I will have to go on the July 2 but I guess since I have already signed the contract with the new company, I will have to cancel this interview. The most peculiar place I applied for was the internship at EA Games. Could’ve been kinda cool though.

So, the new company name is Ascade. This is multinational company and they are working with the software solutions for the telecom companies (Lithuanian Teo is the customer as well). The software searches for the fastest point between the providers in intermediate switches when the connection needs to be done. The more sophisticated example case would be if you want to call from Europe to Japan and then the connection goes through several providers in between, almost like the internet networks. To maintain who and where got and received (bought and sold) how much traffic is the goal of the software as well as sending rates and bills between the telecom providers. Well, I hope you get the idea. 2 days ago, I have signed the contract and I am starting on the August 20.

So, before the start date we are planning one more trip to Lithuania. We will be there from August 1 to August 10, since these are the days when Marie has got the holidays from work. We hope the weather will be nice during that period.



Levon Levonian said...

Congrats with this new job, man!

Санек said...

Да, Геныч! А я и не знал, что тя такие заморочки. Но я рад что ты нашел работы, но почему так поздно приступаешь? только 20 августа?