Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hardware: Headsets In-Ear

When buying an audio device, like a player or a handsfree for the phone (in my case it came bundled with the phone. I always get the regular headset which my ear suppose to hold. However it desn't work for my ears. So, I was thinking if there are any adapters that would make those headsets into the "in-ear" type, where it has some silicone that goes right into your ear. I didn't know what this type of the adapter would be called but it appears that those actually exist (I almost thought I could invent them :]). They are called iBuds and were designed for the iPods phones but I guess will fit any regular headsets. I am planning to purchase them for my mobile handsfree. It costs just a couple of bucks and can be bought on eBay and

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