Sunday, May 13, 2007

Job: Marie is Junior Investment Analyst

This Friday, Marie went to her 3rd and final interview at Aberdeen (Stockholm) and the great news is that she got the job! She will be a Junior Investment Analyst. Well, what the company does, to put it into very short terms is the analysis of the risk and return on investments. So she will be dealing with all sorts of fancy words like funds, portfolios, roi, bonds, stocks, volatility and tons of other terms that we heard and not heard (I didn’t say learned :P )at LCC. But Marie has been learning it for quite a long time for her masters and half way through her studies, I gave up on trying to understand what actually she is studying and how it works. I am really happy that she enjoys what she is doing and she’s got a job like that.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Software: Classic Menus for Office 2007

With the new Microsoft Office 2007 interface, some people and companies surely stayed with Office 2003 or earlier just because of the drastic interface change. Microsoft also introduced the new docx xlsx pptx and so on formats for the files and that will keep people unhappy because there is no direct backward compatability (although you could install an addon that would do that). There is probably a good reason for not switching to Office 2007 because the company staff will need to be re-trained for the new interface. It's not very much intuitive and self-explanatory. Well there is another company that developed an additional tab for office 2007 that brings the functionality of the classic menus:

IMHO: Microsoft lost quite some market because they didn't implement this feature. Is the ribbon control really that good? Well, the time will show. I am glad Adobe didn't switch to the ribbon interface with CS3.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hardware: Headsets In-Ear

When buying an audio device, like a player or a handsfree for the phone (in my case it came bundled with the phone. I always get the regular headset which my ear suppose to hold. However it desn't work for my ears. So, I was thinking if there are any adapters that would make those headsets into the "in-ear" type, where it has some silicone that goes right into your ear. I didn't know what this type of the adapter would be called but it appears that those actually exist (I almost thought I could invent them :]). They are called iBuds and were designed for the iPods phones but I guess will fit any regular headsets. I am planning to purchase them for my mobile handsfree. It costs just a couple of bucks and can be bought on eBay and