Friday, April 27, 2007

TVs: LCD or Plazma (Rus)

Не имею представления когда мы будем покупать новый телевизор, однако уже сейчас полезно прочесть информацию о том, куда движется рынок экранов и что важно знать при покупке. >>

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Marina and Levon Levonian said...

Currently the trend in the flat panels world is for LCD screens to take over the plasmas. Plasmas don't have a single advantage over LCD, well, except the price, and even that is changing this year. Although with much higher contrast ratio, plasmas are not efficient, consume too much energy, emit lots of heat, burn out, and are much heavier. If you want to watch DVDs + the regular broadcast, LCD is the way to go, plus when connected to the computer the picture will look "right". Personally I want to watch only movies, so I'll buy a projector :) Isn't it nice to watch movies on a 100" picture? :)