Friday, April 27, 2007

TVs: LCD or Plazma (Rus)

Не имею представления когда мы будем покупать новый телевизор, однако уже сейчас полезно прочесть информацию о том, куда движется рынок экранов и что важно знать при покупке. >>

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Fun: Optical Illusions

From all the illusions I have seen, this one is the best:

In this one the squares A and B are actually of the same color. How weird is that? Use microsoft paint if you like to cut off pieces of squares to put them together to check.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Weather: First Summerish Weekend

This weekend felt almost like a summer in Stockholm. A lot of people went outside and had picnics. Others, like us went to the center, grabbed some snacks and took long walks. Here are some pictures that I have taken with my phone. The quality is pretty bad and I don't think that I don't know how to use it. You know, phone camera.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Magazine: PC World (May 2007)

I was going through the articles of PC World magazine and there were a couple of interesting articles there. It seems like the new Microsoft Operating System that will be released in the end of 2009 (the earliest), will be 64 bit only. One more time I was convinced to buy a 64 bit PC this year.

Although the magazine is US-oriented, every time I look through it, I find a page or two worth reading.

So, there were some articles that were related to the following pages:

The best color lazer printers.

The big monitors - good or bad?

The best big monitors.

Awfully expensive in-ear headphones.

Process Explorer - A handy application to diagnose the problems.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Travelling: There is no place like ... Lithuania

We had a nice trip to Lithuania last week, spending 5 full days there. We met out friends and relatives, went to the dentist and did some shopping. Then on Saturday we went to the sauna place some 15 kilometers away from Klaipeda. It was a very nice place which was build not long ago. There were quite a few of our friends there, from Vilnius and Klaipeda. It was a nice feeling to get all together again. Our friends Anzhela and Sergei prepared some delicious chicken and ribs. And of course the beer was there as well.

After that, in the evening we went to Anzhela and Sergei apartment and after some tea and cake went to the night club Metelica. Unfortunately we had to go back to Stockholm the next morning and had to leave earlier.

The whole week was pretty cold in Lithuania, dropping down to -2 in the night and with the strong and cold wind during the day. When we had to leave on Sunday, it started to snow.
Anyways, we really hope to see you all guys some time in July when we will come to Klaipeda for a longer time. Hopefully it will be warm and sunny by that time.

G & M

Electronics: Notebook and Mobile Phones

There were three more or less major purchases that we did during the last month or so.

First, LG Z1 notebook for Marie.

It is very light, pretty fancy with the white keyboard and dark cover. It came with Windows Vista Home Premium. I must admit that this is one of the most portable notebooks I have ever seen. So, if you are on the way a lot, I would recommend this notebook. You won't be able to play the latest games but it easily outperforms any of the office-type requirements.

Second, we bought two mobile phones. I was getting sick of my huge Sony Ericsson p800 with the 2 days battery life, while Marie's Sony Ericsson T230 was basically becoming obsolete. Our choices were Samsung X820 for Marie and Motorola KRZR K1 for me. Well, mobile phones is a huge matter of the personal taste and preferences. As for my KRZR, I was looking for a small one with a good battery life. I am pretty much satisfied with it. Now it's the time to do the tweaks for the phones, like change the icons, animations, ringtones, put some games, and gmail client on it. I wish I had time for all of it. Marie's X820 is a really nice, intuitive and fancy phone. Both phones have 2 MPixel cameras which is the same as my Kodak photo camera that I bought in 2002 in US. Things got smaller and smarter in 4 years.

Samsung X820:

Motorola KRZR K1: