Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend: A Walk Worth some Memories

Today was one of the spring-like days here, in Stockholm and our friends and we decided to take a walk in the Skansen park in Stockholm. Besides the nice talks and some tea with sandwiches, I got a feeling back from my high-school times when I was a crazy fan of Roxette. After we crossed one of the bridges there, I saw a man and a woman coming the opposite way to us and I realized it was Per Gessle and his wife taking a walk in the park. My eyes were doubled in size, I think. I had a camera and I could’ve talked to him and ask to take a picture. But guess what – I didn’t dare. I haven’t been to any Roxette concerts and I haven’t seen them live. So, you can imagine what kind of feeling is that to meet someone you adore so much. Well, he didn’t look at me but I guess his wife saw my face and smiled. After that we went to a cafe and had some tea and sandwiches but I couldn’t think about anything else. After 3 hours, I still have hard times getting over that impression.

And here are the pictures from the cafeteria

and of the flowers on our porch that appeared a couple of days ago.

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Marina and Levon Levonian said...

Wow. Lucky you! That should be a really nice experience to see the person whose music you like. I hope you'll get to see Roxette in concert, now especially since you are so much closer to them (geographically). Nice.