Monday, March 12, 2007

Hardware: Which Mouse to Get

It was the time for me to choose the new mouse. I decided to go for an ergonomic solution and I wanted to try something new. If I would've been a gamer, I would definitely go for a regular ergonomic mouse from Microsoft or Logitech. However, I am more of a developer these days and I came up with 3 possible solutions for me:

1. A Pen Mouse - works just like a mouse but you hold it like a pen. It has 2 buttons and a scroll functionality. It would've been really good but every time you need to use it you actually need to pick it up and before you go back to the keyboard, carefully put it back on the table.

2. A Vertical Mouse - a pretty good thing, I believe and I tried to imagine how it would work. you kinda need a lot of space on the table for that. Very ergonomic but very expensive.

3. The third and the solution that I have chosen is an ergonomic trackball (Microsoft Trackball Explorer). It saves a lot of space on the table, has a scroll, 5 buttons and an ergonomic design. Well, I will see how it will work. I think trackballs have been underlooked in the mice world. It's kinda fancy as well. As a personal preference, I prefer one with the ball on top to one with the ball on the left side where you have to move it with your thumb.

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