Monday, March 12, 2007

Hardware: Which Mouse to Get

It was the time for me to choose the new mouse. I decided to go for an ergonomic solution and I wanted to try something new. If I would've been a gamer, I would definitely go for a regular ergonomic mouse from Microsoft or Logitech. However, I am more of a developer these days and I came up with 3 possible solutions for me:

1. A Pen Mouse - works just like a mouse but you hold it like a pen. It has 2 buttons and a scroll functionality. It would've been really good but every time you need to use it you actually need to pick it up and before you go back to the keyboard, carefully put it back on the table.

2. A Vertical Mouse - a pretty good thing, I believe and I tried to imagine how it would work. you kinda need a lot of space on the table for that. Very ergonomic but very expensive.

3. The third and the solution that I have chosen is an ergonomic trackball (Microsoft Trackball Explorer). It saves a lot of space on the table, has a scroll, 5 buttons and an ergonomic design. Well, I will see how it will work. I think trackballs have been underlooked in the mice world. It's kinda fancy as well. As a personal preference, I prefer one with the ball on top to one with the ball on the left side where you have to move it with your thumb.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend: A Walk Worth some Memories

Today was one of the spring-like days here, in Stockholm and our friends and we decided to take a walk in the Skansen park in Stockholm. Besides the nice talks and some tea with sandwiches, I got a feeling back from my high-school times when I was a crazy fan of Roxette. After we crossed one of the bridges there, I saw a man and a woman coming the opposite way to us and I realized it was Per Gessle and his wife taking a walk in the park. My eyes were doubled in size, I think. I had a camera and I could’ve talked to him and ask to take a picture. But guess what – I didn’t dare. I haven’t been to any Roxette concerts and I haven’t seen them live. So, you can imagine what kind of feeling is that to meet someone you adore so much. Well, he didn’t look at me but I guess his wife saw my face and smiled. After that we went to a cafe and had some tea and sandwiches but I couldn’t think about anything else. After 3 hours, I still have hard times getting over that impression.

And here are the pictures from the cafeteria

and of the flowers on our porch that appeared a couple of days ago.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Programs: VirtuaWin

I have never found virtual desktops to be so much of a use. However today I tried one and actually found it pretty useful. The basic idea is to have several desktops with the opened windows there (the icons on the desktop stay the same but you can actually change the wallpaper). Instead of minimizing and restoring windows, use the hotkey to switch to the different desktop. For example, on the first screen at work I have my development environment, on the second web I keep chat, email related application windows, and my mp3 player with the file manager go into the third virtual desktop. System tray (aka notification area or bottom right corner :))stays the same all the time and only the taskbar is changing from one virtual desktop to another.
Mcrosoft has this utility as a part of the PowerToys for WindowsXP. However I have found similar utility that I like more, since it seems to be a bit faster and it open source:

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Programs: More Freeware

There is a website packed with the freeware utilities that one might need in every day life. For example there are utilities that help to manage the context menu items, Microsoft office addons, installed ActiveX components, show active processes, show open ports, manage startup items and so on. Download them all before Microsoft buys them :P.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Holidays: Beer Vs Skiing

This time beer wins.

While planning our Easter holidays, we decided to go to Lithuania and visit our family and friends, dentist and remember the taste of Lithuanian beer. So, we will be in Lithuania on the 2nd of April and coming back on the 8th of April. Hopefully the weather will be nice by that time.

The only thing that I will probably miss is Tobii ski trip to the north of Sweden. Well, I actually don’t know what I am missing since I have never really tried real skiing (what a lame excuse :P). I guess skiing will have to wait until the next year and hopefully the global warming will not melt all the snow in Sweden.