Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Studying: Workarounds for the Difficult Questions

Well, you can argue with the teacher about the logic here. One asks -one gets.
Click on a picture to preview:

Monday, February 19, 2007

Filesharing: Box.Net Widget

There is an interesting way to share the files provided by Box.Net. By adding a widget to your webpage/blog you can add the files to it and then other people can download the files from your blog (but not upload [unless you give them a password]). I found it pretty interesting for the times when you need to share a file really fast, instead of sending it my email. Here is one that I have created for myself. Now, I will need to find a right place for it in the blog. For now, just on the right side at the bottom.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Travelling: Poland

Hey, we've been to Poland. Gdansk, actually. Took a bus to SKAVSTA (9 am, 03 feb 2007) airport from T-Centralen - costs as much as Ryanair tickets :)
We had a nice party in Gdansk. Pictures will come later, when they are developed and sent to us and scanned. That's what happens when we forget our digital cam. Anyways. Back by ferry. No elevator, lots of stairs. Getting bags on the ferry (5 pm, 04 feb 2007) and out was quite a challenge-really something to remember. The beginning of the ferry trip was quite an experience-elephants in my stomach! The trick is to fall asleep fast. Being back home feels gooood!

Computers: Healthy Mouse for your Wrist

I am going pretty nuts about the ergonomic software and some time ago I have found (what I think to be) the best ergonomic mouse so far. It's called Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2. So, I will definately try to get it for my new computer. It's pretty expensive but it's worth the investing into the health, is it?