Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sweden: ComHem Lost Me as a Customer

updated: a small and happy update on this issue in the next post

I would like to share my experience with Swedish ComHem Internet provider. I pretty much anticipated all those things but hoped that it would be better than my experience with the cable internet provider in Lithuania.

Since we moved into the apartment only for 5 months we could not order internet for 12 months and get a modem for free. ComHem told us that we need to buy it for 100 Euros from them or we could buy our own somewhere (just any modern cable modem). Well, I thought I could buy a modem. So I did. I bought Motorola SB5100E modem from Denmark and it cost me 30 Euros to buy it. When the time came to install it, the MAC address of the modem worked but ComHem could not register the Serial Number in the system. Because of that, the modem would work at a lowest speed possible. So, I called the support and here is the sequence in which they told me to do the following:
The second time I called, they asked to measure the speed 3 times per day and call us back with the results.
The third time I called, they told me that tests do not matter and that they will forward the problem to the central support place and will call us back in case something is wrong.
Then, after 5 days I called them one more time. Now they told me that I have to get the modem from them, since they only work with their modems. Well, now I will have to buy a second hand modem in Sweden and probably sell the one I bought from Denmark to somebody else somewhere. We will manage get the internet working in a couple of days but when we move to a different place in summer, definitely will go to a different provider in Sweden, like Tele2. ComHem lost me as a customer.

The guys at ComHem should learn how to document the support question and build a normal knowledge base in their system. Maybe fix the database (so it would accept different kind of serial numbers). And stop holding people on the phone for 1 hour to get to the customer support. At least create a toll-free number so people could call from Skype or landline for free. Create a menu in Englsh (come on, even Lithuania has English in almost every service).

PS Just forget about my ComHem email support - none of my emails were answered.

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Marina and Levon Levonian said...

Too bad. We had very bad experience with the local mobile phone company. Many companies here in Canada do the same (banks, insurance agencies, etc.) Customer service is awful. And every time we call, they keep us on hold up to 50 minutes. I plan to blog about that sometime soon.