Sunday, January 14, 2007

PIctures: Software Panoramic

My friend Levon did a panoramic picture in his blog and I thought I should try it too. So I took my old Kodak dx3500 and we went to the lake near us to feed the ducks. I took the pictures there and combined them with Canon PhotoStitch (actually Photoshop CS can do it as well). So, here is the lake:

and here is our room again:


Marina and Levon Levonian said...

Nice! :)
Btw, is it winter out there?

Genadij Trimailov said...

Well, the winter has been here for a day or two. Now it's more like fall. +5. I think this year all countries registered the highest temperature in January in the history of meteorology. How is it in Canada?

Marina and Levon Levonian said...

That is the effect of global warming, no kidding. People are killing themselves, that's for sure.
In Canada, Alberta, where we are now, the temperature is about -5°C on average, the lowest was -29°C and the highest about +3°C this winter.

Serioga said...

Good photo. super!